Free shipping to Taiwan/China/Hong Kong region over USD100*
Free shipping to Taiwan/China/Hong Kong region over USD100*

About us


IMMENSE Co., Ltd. was established in Taipei, Taiwan, 2008, like the word, vast and boundless is our persistence and orientation of aesthetics.
We believe that fashion is a cycle of personal aesthetics and life style and time. How to find the best balance among the three to create a sustainable aesthetic experience is our goal.

In order to promote Taiwanese culture, we have gathered plenty of Taiwanese brands as the main structure, and introduced more other designer brands from different styles around the world to enrich the overall vision. For conveying aesthetics more clearly and completely, we established IMMENSE STUDIO to create “IMMENSE CONCEPT” our own clothing label, process from design, proofing to production.

In addition, IMMENSE STUDIO design team also presents integral photographic, visual communication, website display and interior design.
We have now completed a number of interior design cases, custom uniforms for multiple companies in Asia, continuous revisions with our shopping site and through constantly improving to provide consumers a more complete aesthetic experience.

Please contact us if you have any business related issues.